Thursday, February 02, 2006 Final Fantasy X-2 Vocal Collection: Yuna [IMPORT]: Music Final Fantasy X-2 Vocal Collection: Yuna, Game Music.Final Fantasy X-2 Net - Yuna Style The single greatest Final Fantasy X-2 site on the internet. Hundreds of wallpapers, lots of music, fan fics, and a huge forum.Final Fantasy X-2 Movies This is the opening movie of Final Fantasy X-2, with Yuna (?) dancing and singing on the stage like a pop star while Rikku and Paine are doing their Final Fantasy X / 10 / FF10 - Characters Another Yuna's guardian who follows Yuna and she acts like sister to Yuna. She is strict but calm, just like Quistis in Final Fantasy VIII. Square-Central | Final Fantasy X-2 | General Information This time things are different, the main character is now Yuna who sports a set if twin pistols. The game was first known as Final Fantasy X: Another lord Final Fantasy X-2 Wallpapers A picture of Yuna from the up-coming game Final Fantasy X-2. Just added some extra stuff from the real version of this wallpaper and moved the logo up. Silver Wings = Yuna and Tidus Fanlisting = ____YUNA AND TIDUS____. Story Quotes Wallpapers Official Art Screencaps Why You Love Them Fanart FFX-2 How To GameSpy: Sam Fisher is a silent killer. But does he know how to handle Final Fantasy's giant chicken/Chocobo thing? Can any man handle a chicken in Yuna's presence, Final Fantasy X-2: Computer & Video Games Join Yuna in mission-based, non-linear gameplay, as she and her companions travel across Spira in this epic Final Fantasy adventure. Final Fantasy X-2 / 10-2 / FFX-2 - Music, Walkthrough, Ending A Final Fantasy site offering media, information, guides, news and discussion On the day she becomes a summoner, Yuna, a girl of seventeen, meets him. Final Fantasy X Wallpapers A wall paper from Final Fantasy X. Its Tidus and Yuna, just a few pictures combined Yuna from Final Fantasy X. A wallpaper of the sending at Killika.