Thursday, February 02, 2006 Final Fantasy X-2 Vocal Collection: Yuna [IMPORT]: Music Final Fantasy X-2 Vocal Collection: Yuna, Game Music.Final Fantasy X-2 Net - Yuna Style The single greatest Final Fantasy X-2 site on the internet. Hundreds of wallpapers, lots of music, fan fics, and a huge forum.Final Fantasy X-2 Movies This is the opening movie of Final Fantasy X-2, with Yuna (?) dancing and singing on the stage like a pop star while Rikku and Paine are doing their Final Fantasy X / 10 / FF10 - Characters Another Yuna's guardian who follows Yuna and she acts like sister to Yuna. She is strict but calm, just like Quistis in Final Fantasy VIII. Square-Central | Final Fantasy X-2 | General Information This time things are different, the main character is now Yuna who sports a set if twin pistols. The game was first known as Final Fantasy X: Another lord Final Fantasy X-2 Wallpapers A picture of Yuna from the up-coming game Final Fantasy X-2. Just added some extra stuff from the real version of this wallpaper and moved the logo up. Silver Wings = Yuna and Tidus Fanlisting = ____YUNA AND TIDUS____. Story Quotes Wallpapers Official Art Screencaps Why You Love Them Fanart FFX-2 How To GameSpy: Sam Fisher is a silent killer. But does he know how to handle Final Fantasy's giant chicken/Chocobo thing? Can any man handle a chicken in Yuna's presence, Final Fantasy X-2: Computer & Video Games Join Yuna in mission-based, non-linear gameplay, as she and her companions travel across Spira in this epic Final Fantasy adventure. Final Fantasy X-2 / 10-2 / FFX-2 - Music, Walkthrough, Ending A Final Fantasy site offering media, information, guides, news and discussion On the day she becomes a summoner, Yuna, a girl of seventeen, meets him. Final Fantasy X Wallpapers A wall paper from Final Fantasy X. Its Tidus and Yuna, just a few pictures combined Yuna from Final Fantasy X. A wallpaper of the sending at Killika.


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Caramba!!! É muita coincidência! Claro que eu não sei quem está usando esse endereço, mas eu lia esse "Paulíssima" lá pelos idos de 2001...E não acessava a página há mais de anos (e nessa última vez, ele não era atualizado há anos, talvez). Qual não foi minha surpresa ao ver, resolvendo clicar num link (no blog Chaos), ver que postaram algo aqui há 3 dias!!!

Bom...Se for vc, Paula, espero que volte a escrever...

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